Ideal-Air Dual Hose Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU

Ideal-Air Dual Hose Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU

Ideal Air

  • $499.95

High performance flexible dual hose design. One hose is condenser intake and the other is condenser hot air discharge. Auto restart function. Digital control panel with remote control thermostat. Removable filter. Heavy duty compressor with 3-speed fan motor. Slinger up, no bucket self evaporative condensation removal system: Slinger up removal system helps to reduce the need for external drainage as condensate water is used in the cooling process. Condensate water is expelled as a fine mist through the hot air exhaust hose. Accessories included: 2 flexible duct hoses (5 ft each), 2-piece adjustable window insert, 1 foam window insert seal and 4 duct & hose fittings. Supply voltage: 115 Volt - 60 Hz. Power: 11.8 Amps/1355 Watts.

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