Powerbox DPC-24000-BT

Powerbox DPC-24000-BT


  • $2,498.00

The Powerbox¨ DPC-24000-BT is our largest and most advanced model so far. This unit has everything you need to run up to 24 1,000 Watt lights, plus accessories at 120V. Best of all, this unit contains our exclusive new 6-channel timer, which allows you to control outlets in six separate zones, making this the most versatile lighting controller available on the market. Main circuit protection is provided by a 150A circuit breaker. Additional protection is provided by mini circuit breakers that protect each set of outlets. The DPC-24000 also has an iPhone App! By downloading the FREE app from the AppStore, you can control the DPC-24000 from your iPhone via BlueTooth Smart wireless technology.

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