Humboldt Hands Combo Display Box (36/Cs)

Humboldt Hands Combo Display Box (36/Cs)

Humboldt Hands

  • $6.00

Humboldt Hands soaps are the toughest duty soap bars for farmers, gardeners, mechanics, carpenters, fishermen, hunters and others. Tough on grease, grime, tree sap, barn muck and plant resins. Each bar is 6 oz in size. Contains: Farm-fresh goat milk, shea butter, olive, coconut, almond and castor oils, palm kernel, sodium hydroxide, fragrance. Ground walnut shells added for an abrasive. Classic Fragrances includes 12 Original Woodsman, 12 Dragons Blood and 12 Ginger Lime. Essential Oils includes 12 Peppermint, 12 Spearmint and 12 Cinnamon. The Combo display is 6 of each fragrance.

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