Roots Organics Dry Nutrient Player Pack

Roots Organics Dry Nutrient Player Pack

Roots Organics

  • $79.99

The Roots Organics Dry Player Pack is the perfect assortment of products for anyone interested in using dry organic plant nutrients in their garden. From the beginner to the master gardener, the Dry Player Pack provides everything needed for a comprehensive dry organic nutrient regiment, in one simple and affordable package. For the individual that wants a fully organic, heavy yielding garden, the Roots Organics Dry Player pack has everything necessary except the soil. The Dry Player Pack is designed for use in Organic Soil. Any Roots Organics Potting Soil is ideal. It includes Oregonism XL 4oz, Uprising Grow, Uprising Bloom, Uprising Foundation, Elemental, Seabird Guano and Nitro Bat Guano in 3 lb sizes.

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