Bluelab Connect Stick

Bluelab Connect Stick


  • $151.70

The Bluelab¨ Guardian Monitor Connect, Bluelab¨ Connect Stick, Bluelab¨ Connect Range Extender and Bluelab¨ Connect Software. The Bluelab¨ Guardian Monitor Connect can connect wirelessly to a computer at the grow site via the Bluelab¨ Connect Stick, which enables the data logging of pH, Conductivity and Temperature to the FREE Bluelab¨ Connect Software, downloadable online. The logged information is viewed on a computer and can also be accessed remotely via the cloud from a mobile device or other computer, allowing the grower to view the status of the grow system 24 hours a day. The Bluelab¨ Connect Range Extender is available when you need to extend the range between the Guardian Connect and Connect Stick.

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