Milwaukee pH/EC/TDS Combo Meter

Milwaukee pH/EC/TDS Combo Meter


  • $279.95

Standard pH/EC/TDS combo mini-bench meter for quick and reliable measurements. Range: 0.00 Ð 14.00 pH, 0 Ð 4000 ppm, 0.00 Ð 6.00 mS/cm, Accuracy: ±0.20 pH and ±2% full scale for EC & TDS, comes with SE600 combo probe, 110 volt power supply, unit mounting kit, a 20 ml sachet of calibration solution of pH 7.01, 1500 ppm and 1413 µS/cm. Faster processor with the new chipset and motherboard with a 100% larger & easier to read LED display. Converts to a 9 volt battery for use as a portable field meter (9 volt battery included).

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